Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Make Your Travel Easy With Travel Insurance

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While preparing for traveling, Travel Insurance is the last thing to look for on most people’s to do list. Sporadically, it is the most important thing. This is because when you travel to an unknown location, your chances of being a victim of unforeseen tragedies grow. Insurance products are meant to reduce losses from such events.

Travel insurance is a preventive step taken to cover various risks in the following way:

1.Trip Schedule disturbance:

Travel insurance provides you with monetary benefits as a compensation for the inconvenience caused due to flight cancellation, delays or interruptions. A missed flight due special situations is also covered under it.

2.Medical Emergencies:

Medical emergencies like accident, sickness, Repatriation or medical evacuation, and other medical treatment and care expenses are covered which enables you get quality medical services on time.

3.Loss or Theft:

Loss or theft of baggage, wallet or documents can lead you to serious problem especially in international trips. Travel insurance provides protection under such situations and helps you get new issued copies of such documents or compensation for such purpose.

4.Liability and litigation protection:

Loss of third party property and the legal proceedings thereafter are protected under travel insurance.

5.Loss due to terrorist activities:

Increasing number of terrorist activities has bought a demand for this. It covers losses occurred due to terrorist activities like hijack, attacks and others.

Travel Insurance Meets Everyone’s Requirement

Travel insurance in India is now custom made to cover risks as per your requirements. According to your specific need, you can get the Risk Coverage benefit as an add-on to your plan. The Premium for such insurance cover will be calculated accordingly. The following are the major types of travel insurance in India:

1.Single trip travel insurance:

It is ideal for those who travel less since it covers only single trip during a year. It is usually taken by people traveling on a holiday or for recreation.

2.Multi trip travel insurance:

It is ideal for businessmen who travel multiple times during a year. It protects every trip and provides protection against uncertainties during every trip.

3.Student travel insurance:

This is ideal for students going abroad for studies. This insurance cover risks related with tuition fees along with travel and health care. It exposes student to a financially secure stay.


Although people try to take calculated steps while traveling, uncertainties happen. To stay protected from these uncertainties you will always need insurance. It will help you have a secured trip. However, it will require understanding insurance Policy and coverage areas. The following are the tips to Make Your Travel Easy With Travel Insurance:

1.Always buy travel insurance well in advance before planning any travel.

2.Have a detailed knowledge about the coverage including benefits, terms and locations.

3.Do not get involved into dangerous life threatening activities.

4.Know the limits where your travel insurance does not provide protection.

Quick Claim Settlement:

If buying insurance policy is a matter of a phone call, making a claim is just a click away. You can make a claim online. For this purpose, you will be required to fill a form providing your information and policy details. Along with this, you will be required to provide necessary documents including tickets confirming the trip.

If you travel extensively, you might definitely be aware of the importance of travel insurance while traveling. Travel insurance can be very advantageous when you are heading towards an adventure sport trip. However, you will have to look for special add-ons to your policy to get benefits while going for adventure sports. Thus, you can travel stress free enjoying your recreational time and having fun with family and friends without worrying about any uncertain events.