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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

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That “travel insurance is an absolute must have” has been emphasized upon many times by travel experts. But if you travel frequently buying insurance every single time is time consuming, expensive and cumbersome. For such frequent travelers there is annual multi-trip travel insurance. So if you travel abroad at least twice a year, you can take annual multi trip travel insurance. The purpose of travel can be any, business or holiday.

Multi trip Travel Insurance is when you buy travel insurance for more than one trip during a year. The number of days of travel covered is mentioned in the policy. In this case you travel is covered for a specific number of days. You don’t need to specify travel dates at the time of buying the policy. It can be bought for individual as well as family.

Why buy multi trip insurance

You don’t have to insure every time you book a trip. If you travel frequently getting travel insurance every time can be very time consuming and inconvenient. With multi trip travel insurance you are covered for multiple trips in one go. It becomes very convenient if you have to travel more than once during the year.

Your traveling days can be flexible. You do not have to declare the dates on which you have to travel. So, you have the flexibility of booking your trip on any day suitable within the year. Though number of days of travel will be fixed during the year but not the dates.

You are free to take as many trips during the year. There is no limitation on the number of trips you make during the year. Your trip will be insured. The limitation though is for the total number of days for which the cover is available as per the insurance Policy guidelines. So, you can split the travel cover into as many trips as you want.

Multi trip travel insurance is much cheaper than single trip travel insurance bought separately for each trip. Even with the single trip travel insurance there will be a minimum fixed amount for minimum number of days. This put together for multiple trips costs more.

Features covered in annual multi trip travel insurance are almost same as that offered in single trip travel insurance but the cover is ideal for those who have to take frequent short trips abroad and not for occasional travelers.