Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Need for Awareness About Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance is a boon for those making abroad trips. With unpredictable disasters and weather changes the probability of risks involved in making a trip is very high.Cancelling a trip can cost you dearly if you hadn't invested in Travel Insurance which covers trip cancellation expenses. And if at all you made the trip then there may be Risk of falling ill and without insurance you will be in for more trouble. Hence people have started realizing the need for a travel insurance keeping in mind the worst unforeseen cases that could occur to them.


Travel Insurance For Overseas

This plan offers cover for all aspects under a travel plan that is global. It is framed to comply with the allowances permitted for an outsider in the countries all over the world.

Insurance Plan for Students who Travel

This plan is designed to fulfill the complete requirements and needs of students going abroad for higher education. Student travel plan is a necessity for studying abroad as one is unaware of the expenses he needs to meet in a foreign land. This plan will provide financial cover at time of a crisis while the student is studying abroad.

Insurance Plan for Single Trips

This is a neatly framed plan that provides all kinds of cover for a single holiday period anywhere. This is a less complicated and very useful plan. With most of the insurance companies providing this basic travel insurance plan you can now enjoy a worry free holiday.

Insurance Plan for Domestic Travel

This is an easy online insurance plan that serves all domestic trips you make once or over a period of time. This covers all the costs including baggage loss and accidents and health problems etc.

Insurance Plan for Multiple Trips

This plan is especially designed for frequent travelers like businessmen. They can buy this annual plan that covers their travel expenses within a year.


Cover for Health Expenses

Unexpected illness, emergency surgeries and other treatment costs are covered.

Loss of Baggage Cover

This covers all the expenses due to loss of baggage or other important travel documents. Hence if you get stranded in a foreign country due to loss of your possessions your insurance plan will cover all your expenses until you reach home.

Legal Support Cover

This is a significant cover as legal troubles in foreign nations can cost you dearly. Almost all insurance policies offer cover against expenses incurred by legal proceedings in case of financial emergency during the travel period.

Death and Foreign Nation Funeral Expenses Cover

Under the unfortunate case of accidental demise, this will cover the expenditures involved thereafter.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Cover

If the travelling individual gets ill and needs health services , this cover will provide the necessary options of medical assistance including evacuation.

Emergency Evacuation/Delayed Departures Cover

If the travel period gets extended beyond plans or is early due to emergency evacuation the costs of tickets and other expenses may soar unpredictably. This cover will provide the financial assistance during such a crisis.


The major reasons for people buying travel insurance are: peace of mind, concern over financial troubles in a foreign land, precautionary measure against an unexpected crisis. There are several reasons which suggest you buy yourself a travel insurance policy.

Your plans change due to emergency and expenses increase.
Your flight gets cancelled.
Your passport and other documents get stolen and you are in need of emergency cash.
You get involved in an Accident and require medical evacuation due to insufficient medical facilities.
You need a cover for all your Non-refundable expenses.


Cashless Hospitalization is provided worldwide with courtesy of the network of the insurer. Covering Medical evacuation costs if required. Insurance company may cover periodical Medical checkups.