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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Overseas Insurance and Terrorism

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Are you planning to travel overseas? If you are a wise traveler and if you have booked your return trip tickets, you must have certainly bought overseas travel insurance. Does your Policy cover terrorism related consequences? Terrorism is an everyday Risk and threat of a terrorist attack whilst traveling overseas is likely. This is the reason why most overseas travelers consider terrorism cover as a major factor when buying overseas insurance.

If you are traveling to Schengen countries, buying a Travel Insurance policy is mandatory. The documents need to be submitted while applying for Visa. But for regions where it is not mandatory, you should buy one with adequate cover for safety. You may face a medical emergency owing to ailment or accident. You may lose your baggage or passport. Natural disasters like flood, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc. may affect your trip. Terrorism activities may spoil your entire trip and land you up in some emergency. With overseas insurance, you stay financially safe and hassle-free and enjoy a worry-free trip. It is the insurance company who will take care of all emergencies during your entire trip.

Types of Travel Insurance

Single Trip:

One time travelers can opt buying it. The policy is valid for the fixed number of days (starting from date of journey to return date) that the Insured will be traveling.


Frequent travelers can opt buying it. The insured can enjoy cover for more than one trip during a year. The number of days covered for the entire year ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Before you buy a policy, do consider the terms and conditions and the Coverage that well matches your needs. Cover for terrorism does not mean that you pay a big premium. Many a comprehensive policy covers this feature. It is also available as an add-on cover. Double checking the small print will let you know what you are buying.

Understanding Cover for Terrorism

There are certain countries where terrorism activities often take place. There are also places where such activities take place unexpectedly. With traveling becoming a humdrum affair, it is no surprise if a traveler or groups of travelers get trapped owing to terrorism incidents. It can be hijack of a plane or a bomb blast. Possibilities of uncertainties related to terrorism are many. If your trip gets interrupted and you need to cancel or postpone your trip, the costs incurred may take a toll on your financial health. And hotel accommodation in overseas nations is expensive. Your entire trip will only turn out to be a nightmare. Here are few benefits that you can enjoy with overseas travel insurance policy with terrorism cover:

Protection up to 100 percent of your trip cost for cancellation of the trip

If you are forced to head back home prematurely owing to some news related to terrorism, you enjoy the total trip cost. Unscheduled flights are expensive, yet you need not pay extra for the pre-pone of your air tickets.

Cover for damage to belongings.

Cover for loss of life.

Exclusions of Benefits

Chemical attacks, biological attacks, and nuclear attacks or warfare are not included. Be informed that these are not considered terrorism acts. If terrorism disturbances had already been affecting the country you are geared up for visit, you may not enjoy cover for terrorism in your travel insurance policy. If a ‘do not travel’ warning is declared in any particular country where terrorism activities are likely, you will not be entitled to enjoy the benefits related to such activities.

Where to Buy the Best Overseas Insurance

Visit a reliable insurance aggregator and facilitator’s website. This platform should have a database of all available overseas travel insurance offered from India. It should facilitate the buyer to buy from its website. It should run user friendly tools for getting quotes and comparing policies. It should run a safe payment gateway.

Enter the required details in the given spaces, get quotes, and compare all the available plans. Choose the one that provides maximum benefits including maximum cover for terrorism. An insured trip will give you peace of mind!