Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Registering a Travel Insurance Claim

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You are on a holiday with your family and friends, and the only things that occur to your mind are seeing lovely places, monuments, animals and birds. You plan for the enjoyment on the whole. However, you could also end up becoming ill, meeting with an accident, losing your valuables including your passport, or even have the trip cancelled. These are situations that are unfortunate and unexpected and you should be well prepared to face them, especially financially.

It is specifically for this reason that Travel Insurance is an important part of most trips these days. Travel insurance is an investment that will help you enjoy a hassle free journey, especially during journeys of long duration and international travel. It will give you the necessary finances and peace of mind in case of any misfortune during your trip.

What to do before Making a Claim

If you have gone on a trip and meet with an unfortunate situation, your travel Policy will help you compensate and overcome the loss. However, you have to go through the process of claims initiation and processing. To lodge a claim, you must take care of the following:

  • Fill in and submit the insurance Claim form online to use the online travel insurance facility
  • You may also download a travel insurance claim form and post it along with your documents to the company.
  • Keep receipts of any items that you buy and you will need to claim later. You must also have the bills of medicines and doctors’ visits
  • Call up the insurance company and inform them before any medical treatment. Some of them may not even pay you the insurance, if you fail to do so.
  • Get written confirmation of delays to your flight. If the flight is delayed by 12 hours or more, you can claim for this on your travel insurance
  • If your baggage or precious belongings are stolen, you must get a police report to claim insurance.

How to Register a Claim

To register a travel insurance claim, you must first call on the number provided by the company to get guidance about how to proceed. You will be required to fill in the claim form and submit it along with the relevant documents, mostly in original. Typical documents to be submitted for some of the claims are mentioned below:

1.Medical Claims

  • Signed Claim form duly filled in
  • Admission or discharge card
  • Doctor’s reports, Investigative reports
  • X-ray reports, Pathological reports
  • Medical Bills and Prescription
  • Copy of passport/visa with entry and exit stamp

2.Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Filled in Claim form
  • Death Certificate
  • Copy of FIR or Police report
  • Copy of Post Mortem report
  • Copy of treatment papers

3.Loss of Baggage

  • Claim form completely filled in
  • Copies of boarding pass, ticket, baggage tags

4.Loss of Passport

  • Claim form completely filled in
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Report
  • Copy of old passport, if on hand
  • Copy of new passport
  • Bills or invoices of expenses incurred for a new passport

Financial Emergency

  • Details of loss of money
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Report
  • Copy of Visa/ passport

You can turn any misfortune that you face during travel into a less painful experience just by getting travel insurance. If you buy a travel policy, it will help you overcome the financial trauma while you are facing the emotional trauma of the experience.