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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Role of International TPA

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TPA provides increased sophistication and better standards of services through specialization in operations, database management, customer service, information processing and claims settlement.

The insurance industry has evolved and there is now even more scope for high quality services to clients, thanks to the increasing sophistication in terms of operations as well as increasing specialization that lets companies focus on what they do best. The TPA is another initiative with regard to your insurance Policy to help you breathe easy and stay relaxed with your Travel Insurance and health insurance, as you let your travel insurance claims be handled by specialists who are known for their high standards of service delivery.

What is TPA?

TPA stands for Third Party Administrators, service providers who are licensed to practise by the Government of India in the insurance industry. TPA’s are authorised to act on behalf of the insurer, conferring mutual benefits to the Insurer and the Insured when it comes to Mediclaim benefits and travel insurance cover.

Why TPA?

If you have taken up travel insurance cover for your planned vacation or your scheduled trip abroad, you would want to be covered by your travel insurance for a variety of risks involved. While insurance companies would have their own network of hospitals that you could utilise, engaging a TPA gives you convenience in the form of wide access to TPA network hospitals, where you could enjoy cashless facilities with the hospitals in line with the terms of your insurance policy.

What are the responsibilities of the TPA?

TPA’s are specialists in operations in the field of insurance, capable of effectively complimenting the insurance companies in their activities, managing the back-end support as well as coordinating issues related to healthcare insurance, travel insurance, maintaining databases related to the insurance policy, managing all aspects of travel insurance cover and dealing with travel insurance claims so as to facilitate administration of insurance services to clients.

What are the benefits of TPA?

The insured would have assistance for all aspects related to an insurance policy, and toll-free access round the clock, all round the year

  • TPA manages travel insurance by providing emergency ambulance services for hospitalisation
  • Policy holders would have priority access to hospitals in the TPA network as part of their travel insurance cover, with an international TPA offering ever larger services beyond the scope of a sole insurance provider
  • The insured would have speedy processing and settlement of travel insurance claims and other claims related to healthcare and insurance
  • Insurance policy holders would have easy and speedy processing cashless hospitalisation or pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation benefits
  • TPA services are always available for any inquiry with regard to the insurance policy, travel insurance cover, travel insurance claims or health check-up facilities
  • Effective use of information and communication technology in the form of e-cards, SMS alerts and initiatives to keep clients posted through e-mailers

How does TPA benefit the Insurance Industry?

There is good reason why insurance companies engage Third Party Administrators for handling their operations.

  • Efficiency of service leading to customer and client satisfaction through improved service delivery
  • Reduced administration costs on account of outsourced activities related to healthcare and travel insurance, among others
  • Easy settlement of travel insurance claims and effective administration of travel insurance cover, among others
  • One-stop shop that deals with all issues related to the insurance policy, providing increased control over operations and costs, accounting for the reduction in fraudulent claims and efficient settlement of claims related to the insurance policy, including travel insurance claims, for some of the lowest claims costs