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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Single Trip vs. Multi Trip Travel Insurance

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For protection against risks while traveling, such as medical emergencies, accidents, or non-medical travel hassles, travelers today buy a Travel Insurance plan, such as a single trip or a multi trip policy. A travel insurance plan allows tourists to fulfill their dream holiday abroad. Globe trotters on a regular business travel can tour one continent to another without getting caught in baggage loss or flight cancellation mess.

Single trip or a multi-trip travel insurance Policy provides financial security against medical contingency when visiting a foreign land or other unforeseen hassles, such as travel mishaps. However, you must know which type of insurance is just right for a trip so that maximum benefit can be clinched without spending too much for it. How would you assess the best travel insurance plan? Why would a writer on a last-minute Assignment take up a multi-trip insurance policy while another who plans to stay for six months at a plush city choose a single trip travel insurance policy? Read on to find out the right answer.

When to Choose Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single-trip insurance plan is bought when a traveler needs to travel only one trip in the near future. It could be just for 180 days or so. Occasional travelers or someone going on a trip that has been extended for few days and has other policies to depend on choose single trip insurance policy. Insurance policies for single journey are cost effective compared to the multi-trip ones as they cater only for a particular journey. You don’t require paying extra for the days you don’t travel. A comprehensive plan for a one-time trip would include protection against baggage loss, cancellation of flights, death or accidents, and emergency medical contingency.

However, if you make more than one trip in a year, a single trip travel policy could be expensive. It is worth noting that the number of days selected when buying a single journey insurance cover cannot be altered or extended later. Although there may be an exception to this rule, the options are limited.

When to Choose Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

A multi-trip travel insurance policy or annual travel plan covers a one year time span where the policy holder can travel multiple times during the period. This insurance policy is especially applicable for globe-trotters, business delegates, travelers, and cross-border tradesmen who travel more than once in a particular year. If you travel frequently, a multi-trip annuasl travel plan would be the best travel insurance policy as it would be far more cost effective and save you from the last-minute purchasing hassles.

It is easy to extend a trip that has an annual travel insurance plan. A top up is only needed to be furnished to get the insurance cover for the extra days. The policy suits those who have unpredictable tours and trips that last around one to one-and-a-half month.

Smart Planning

Getting the ideal travel insurance policy largely depends on the trip and your general travel plans. When more than two trips are on the card, multi-trip policy is the best bet. Even if there is a postponement of the journey to a later date, the insurance cover remains valid. This is not so with single trip policies. An occasional traveler on the other hand who is planning to travel only once in a year should ideally go for single trip plan as it would be cost effective. Best travel insurance plans are often found on the net where you can purchase a policy depending on your itinerary. Single trip insurance plans catered for last minute journeys are heavily discounted, which make the policy even more affordable. However, if you don’t really have the time to hunt for a suitable plan, an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy would be far more convenient.

So, both the travel insurance policies are useful in their own way. It all depends on your itinerary.