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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Student Travel Insurance-Where to buy it?

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Travel Insurance is an indispensable entity of an abroad trip. And student Travel Insurance is as helpful as a life insurance plan and the fact is that it serves you better in another country. While abroad; the education, medical requirements and other unforeseen expenses become a burden both economically and mentally. So equip yourself with travel insurance and it will provide you the cover for all possible discomforts. Parents can relax themselves when their kids studying abroad have a student travel companion policy.


Certain universities make it mandatory that students coming from other nations should have overseas travel insurance. And few universities themselves provide a domestic insurance cover to make things much easier for the student. However the cover varies for each type. While staying abroad for studies, the Risk and expenses are more than spending a vacation there. A student will witness Inflation and has to bear the unprecedented costs of academic tours and programs. The insurance acts much like a local guardian and parents can stop worrying about the health and expenditure of their children. Investing in student travel Policy is completely a positive move and one never knows how and when it could come as a favor.


Most of the comprehensive travel policies provide cover for medical and travel emergency. However the extent of cover is solely at the discretion of the buyer and the Premium costs vary depending on the extent of the cover. Hence before investing the buyer must ensure he has made a proper investment with necessary covers. Most of the possible covers are listed below:

  • Accidents that result in death or permanent disability
  • Hospital expenses
  • Emergency Medical evacuation costs
  • Baggage loss
  • Reimbursement of Tuition fees if Insured is unable to attend classes due to medical reasons
  • Family travel expenses in case of medical emergency
  • Legal expenditure


Student travel insurance is a type of travel policy and most of the insurance companies provide comprehensive covers for all kinds of travel insurances. The investment options vary with each kind of plans and even provide an option of paying the premium by parents at home or by the student himself. Once you buy travel insurance then premium could be made online by anyone, which makes things a lot easier

Medical expenses are eventually higher abroad; a normal orthopedic surgery may cost you double. Therefore before investing make a proper assessment of all the possible expenses and buy a cover that will provide you all the necessary support and ensure that the Claim procedures are easy and the policy complies with the nation's rules and allowances.


The overseas travel policies differ on several criteria. The criteria include the nation you are visiting and the extent of stay. Travel policies offered by certain tour operators could be misleading and therefore seeking expert advice on how to choose the best travel plan is a safe bet. Analyze the policies available within your budget and compare between them to see which plan suits your need the most. The extent of stay and covers required and premium amount could be customized to some extent with the help of a consultant all these is made easy. Careful investment involves comparing and verifying the cover aspects and claim procedures. You shouldn’t buy travel insurance if it has complexity in any one of this.


  • It covers immediate academic expenses and travel costs
  • Medical needs are immediately taken care of and with insurance, the formalities and complications could be reduced to a great extent
  • Medical screenings and check-ups could also be claimed under comprehensive policies
  • It also provides legal support