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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

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Travel is fun and leisure, but travel is uncertainty as well. You would definitely not want to end up with a dent in your peace of mind and a hole in your pocket just because you did not manage to see through the possible surprises in your travel plans – and hence, travel insurance. Following points may be considered while opting for suitable Travel Insurance —

1.Check your existing coverage:It is possible that you already have some elements of travel insurance in place if you hold a credit card, though the best travel insurance would offer much more than what your credit card can offer. In any case, it would make good sense to see what you already have in place before you can decide what you would need when you buy travel insurance.

2.Where are you heading? That makes much difference when it comes to buying the best travel insurance. While technology has evolved to bring you online travel insurance at ease, that doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to do some serious study of what might be in store where you go. There are different risks associated with different travel destinations. Check out your travel plans and destinations before you buy travel insurance.

3.What are your plans? Are you an adventure freak who plans to do some paragliding or cliff jumping at your exotic travel destination? You might want to check if such adventure sports are covered in your travel insurance.

4.What are the cancellation clauses? With all your impeccable planning and organising skills, your airline might just go on strike the day you planned to fly, a terrorist attack or your airline going bankrupt might jeopardise your plans. You would not want to spend the best part of your lifetime haggling with your airlines for a refund. But you need to check what the cancellation clauses are and what kind of events are covered in your travel insurance.

5.Are Pandemics excluded? If you enter a zone that is wrecked by an unexpected spree of epidemic, the last thing you would want is to learn that your online travel insurance does not cover epidemics. Does H1N1 or SARS ring a bell? That could define the best travel insurance.

6.Are destinations excluded? The worst mistakes are often the silliest ones. Have you, by any chance, left it out in the fine print that mentions that your travel destination is actually excluded from the list of approved destinations? It pays to read before you buy travel insurance.

7.Buy it in advance: Whether with online travel insurance or with other sources, you would be better off when you buy travel insurance well in advance. Why would you leave scope for Exclusions to find a way into your travel insurance?

8.Are you covered 24/7? The best travel insurance works non-stop and assures you of 24-hour assistance. Check if it is the case with online travel insurance<.

9.Have you declared your conditions? You would not want to Risk voiding your Claim just because you forgot to disclose a Pre-existing medical condition. When youbuy travel insurance be sure to declare.