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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Tips to Buy Travel Insurance

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We always look forward to have a break from our busy schedules so that we can plan vacations. Some of us may prefer a long break to unwind and some may look for various breaks in a period of 365 days, whatever is the plan, fun and enjoyment is our basic priority. And we do not want to spoil our long awaited trip so we prefer to buy travel insurance.

However, the excitement of the trip is so overwhelming that we forget to do the basic paperwork. Your travel Insurer must be providing every possible service but if you haven’t weighed them against the services required by you there is no use of buying travel insurance.

On the other side, many are there who make sure that every available service that concerns Travel Insurance is covered under their policy. Doing this would only increase your insurance Premium rendering your travel Policy quite useless.

Here are certain tips which you should consider while buying travel policy:

Health cover

Of course, you will be availing some health coverage, i.e. emergency medical expenses due to Accident or unexpected illness as well as emergency medical evacuation. But sometimes, the medical cost at the destination you are visiting is lesser than the cost of what your insurer is providing. So, verify before buying any kind of expensive medical coverage.

There are many adventurous activities you plan to do at your recreation spot. However, some of these activities are considered harmful by your insurer and he may include it in exclusions. Therefore, choose your travel plan bearing this in mind and buy accordingly.

Amount of deductibles

If you are traveling to the place which is not that expensive and if you think you will be able to afford out of your pocket in case of any need, go for high amount of deductibles to decrease insurance premium. There is no need to make your travel plan expensive unnecessarily.


There are certain Exclusions to every policy which is described in fine prints in policy documents. Make sure that you read it carefully and decrease the chances of your insurance claims getting rejected.


You may assume that some basic services like cancellation of flights or travel delay are covered under your policy because they are not mentioned in exclusions but chances are that they may not be included. Various inclusions to be scrutinized are:

Compensation on the episode of loss of luggage and/or passport.
Personal liability Coverage when you are liable to the third party due to any unintentional cause..
Expenses occurred on funeral cost of the insured.

Compensation in case of accidental death or permanent disability.

Compensation in case the Insured gets sick and need to be hospitalized or to stay in hotel for longer period of time..
Travel delay and cancellation of flights due to natural disasters, terrorist attack or strikes..
24/7 support through third party administrator or other protocol advised by the insurer..
As you are now aware about travel insurance and services available, it is time to procure a travel policy. Do not forget to shop around and compare various online travel insurance plans before enrolling in one.