Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance a Trusted Companion

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Travel insurance nowadays has become very important while you are travelling. It provides you protection from financial losses which may happen from unforeseen event.

In layman’s terms, Travel Insurance is a kind of insurance which covers the Risk of financial loss while a person is travelling. Travel insurance is a very wide Term and includes an array of dimensions.

Following are some of the aspects of travel insurance

Emergency Medical Treatment

This basically covers the expenses which may be likely to be incurred for the medical treatment in case of any mishap or an Accident during travel. A prior authorization is a must for the treatment and the amount must not exceed the amount mentioned in the policy.

Emergency Medical support

This basically refers to the cost which is incurred to take the sufferer to the hospital and back home after the treatment. In case of international travel this may also include the air ticket and may also include a doctor in charge of required to be accompanied.

Cancellation or delay

This covers the cost which may incur if there happens to be cancellation of the trip, other than the authority's reasons such as cancellation of flights or any kind of political interference. These causes may include sudden disturbances like cancellation of trip due to bad weather, air, employee strike or some other events which lies under the control of airline authority

Missed Flights

This covers the cost which may arise due to missed flights due to reasons such as heavy traffic on the road or miss a connecting flight due to non-reaching of the current flight on time.

Personal Liability

This is a very specific point and may not hold true for all the policies. Personal liability is covered if you happen to damage a third party or damage somebody else property during your course of travel.


If you happen to be seriously injured or suffer a lot on medical treatment while travelling then the accidental expenses may be covered.

Individual Belongings/Baggage

If there happens to be a damage of baggage or a loss of baggage during flights then a certain amount is covered and you will be reimbursed for the same. Though there are some specific goods and items which are excluded hence these needs to be referred to the individual policies separately

To summarize there are different types of travel insurance policies which suits different groups of people. All in all the above are mostly covered by all the travel insurance policies. If you are looking for something specific it is wise to contact an Insurance Agent for better understanding

If you are looking for some basic or cheap travel plans then they may cover only some basic points, however if you are looking for one of the best travel plans then one must be very sure about the situations as by purchasing a cheap travel plan may prove to be a waste of money if it does not cover what is actually required.

Before deciding on a travel plan its wise enough to conduct a basic research online, as these plans can easily be found on portals like which provide comprehensive and better understanding of such plans based on the need and budget of the customer.