Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance and Travel Activities

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Needs to get your trip Insured - An overview:

Imagine how painful it would be, if you lose your luggage or passport during a trip? Can you bear the fracas of falling seriously ill during a fun or business trip? What if a natural calamity or Accident strikes you during your trip to a leisure or business destination? These dreadful situations are too horrible to imagine. These occurrences can destroy your entire tour experience. This is the reason that experts suggest you to have a suitable travel Policy in your hand before departure. This is the only way to ensure protection from unforeseen troubles and financial losses. A Travel Insurance cover is meant to cover financial losses resulting due to emergencies during a trip.

Types of travel cover plans:

As per terms and conditions, the losses mentioned in the policy you paid Premium price for, are covered at the time of purchasing the travel cover plan. The major Coverage offered under a normal travel insurance plan include following:

  • Passport loss cover
  • Health troubles or medical charges during national or international tour
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Accidental death & mutilation cover
  • Baggage loss or delay in luggage arrival
  • Unforeseen terrorist activity, hijack or natural calamity cover

Above stated are the options offered under travel policies. The buyers can always customize their existing policy and get the maximum possible coverage against all kinds of emergencies and ensure a tension-free trip. This explains how important it is to have right travel cover while going on a trip.

Current trends in travel cover field

First & foremost, the travel insurance buyer should understand the policy and its coverage benefits in detail. Reading the fine print is crucial. People have a misconception in their mind that a policy with lower premium is the best option for them. This is the reason that maximum percentage of insurance seekers end up buying a plan that is not so suitable for them.

Travel insurance industry in India has become very competitive. This is good news for customers but has its disadvantages too. Customers have to choose from many hundreds of insurance companies offering insurance plans. Customers should educate themselves about the key elements of a travel cover plan and decide as per their expectations and requirements for financial cover during a journey.

Choosing the Right Path

Regardless of the travel activity and purpose, being insured is a smart choice and this is what exactly the customers need to educate themselves about. The customers need to be aware of the right purchase style for insurance policies. At the same time, they should be active and aware about the right procedures of travel cover claims, whenever required. The customers should be aware of the emergency contact details for insurance assistance to cope with unexpected situations. After all, a well planned journey has fewer chances of troubles even if an emergency strikes.