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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance Buying Tips

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All prepared for vacationing to some exotic location? So, you have booked return flight tickets and accommodation in one of the top luxury hotels in the city. Have you bought travel insurance? If not, you have not planned for your trip in the true sense of the term. Unexpected occurrences may affect your trip any time irrespective of whether you are traveling within India or overseas. These may range from falling ill in an unfamiliar city, losing your baggage, cancellation of a flight, loss of passport in case of an overseas trip, a terrorist attack, and the list of inconveniences goes on. With a Travel Insurance policy, you not only enjoy financial protection against any such occurrences but also stay away from all hassles involved. And in certain countries, travel insurance is mandatory; documents need to be submitted for visa generation. So, buy travel insurance and enjoy a protected trip.

How to buy travel insurance?

To buy travel insurance, you need not contact an agent or the insurance executive. Moreover, this process is time consuming and you may not be able to take an informed buying decision. What you buy should be the best. It should well safeguard you against unexpected losses owing to mishaps and emergencies during your trip. Buying the best travel insurance Policy can happen online. Just visit a reliable insurance aggregator website, one that also provides the A-Z of all insurance solutions, one that runs a safe payment gateway, one that runs user-friendly online tools to help customers get quotes and view comparisons, and one that has a database of all available Indian insurance policies. This online insurance aggregator and facilitator will help you buy the best travel insurance instantly right from the comfort of your space. When making a claim, if you want any support from your insurance aggregator, you can expect to be guided step by step in the process. You will not regret if you are buying the desired policy at your chosen insurance aggregator site.

Tips to buy best travel insurance

  • Is it a single trip or are you anticipating multiple trips during the year? Choose one according to the frequency of your trip
  • Almost all travel plans cover most emergency situations in common. Read the fine print so that you are aware of situations that are not included in the policy
  • Find out whether emergency expenses need to be paid from your end which gets reimbursed later or if the expenses are covered up front
  • Consider the Coverage limits and the deductibles
  • When buying online travel insurance, get quotes and compare policies; choose the one that best serves your trip preferences
  • Avoid buying online travel insurance suggested at the time of booking a flight. Buy it separately
  • If you are on medication or under some treatment, consider whether replacement cost is covered
  • If you are carrying expensive items such as jewelry, etc., you may consider add-ons
  • Find out whether your chosen online travel insurance policy covers baggage/passport loss, baggage delay, personal liability, accidental death and dismemberment, hijack relief, etc.
  • Consider cover limits because it may not be one but more emergencies that can take place.
  • Today, buying online travel insurance is just like shopping your desired products. It takes only a few minutes for the complete process – selecting details such as policy type, departure/return date, place of visit, birth details, etc. followed by getting quotes instantly, comparing, reading the fine print, choosing the policy, and making payment. The mode of payment for online buying at an insurance aggregator site is via credit card or internet banking. Alternatively, you may use cheque.

Buy travel insurance and enjoy a sense of security away from home, irrespective of geographical distances.