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Travel Insurance for Domestic Travel

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Domestic Travel Insurance is often overlooked by travelers. When it comes to travel insurance, most of us tend to only pay attention when we are travelling abroad. But contingencies such as flight cancellations, loss of items, accidents or delays are not just confined to foreign travel. In a vast country like India where no travel is complete without a few unplanned detours, it is crucial to buy travel insurance. Domestic travel insurance will keep you covered for any eventuality as you take a trip through the fabulous land of India.

Why opt for Domestic Travel Insurance?

  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Theft of baggage and other items
  • Natural calamities such as landslides
  • Accidents and injuries on the road

These are just a few of the events that are likely to occur on a trip in India. Travel insurance covers your risks and makes sure you don’t have to shell out a bomb to make up for such eventualities. Buy travel insurance that covers your expensive items and risky activities you are sure to encounter. For example, if you are going for a trip to the hills, it is a good idea to buy travel insurance which covers landslides and other such accidents.

Getting domestic travel insurance

You can buy travel insurance for single trips or multiple trips. An annual insurance will cover you for multiple trips, usually for a time period of 365 days. Get a domestic travel insurance which covers the specific activities you will be indulging in and risks you are most likely to encounter over your trip. Depending on the duration and frequency of your trips, you can get a travel insurance to fit your specific needs. Make sure you buy travel insurance at a price which makes it viable. If the quote is much higher than the likely risks or more than your entire trip, it may not be the right one!

What should domestic travel insurance cover?

Cancellations and delayed departures:

Flight and train delays are always a big possibility in India. Your domestic travel insurance should reimburse your tickets or offer accommodation charges incurred due to the delay.

Medical emergencies:

Domestic travel insurance should cover medical expenses incurred over the trip and may also offer medical advice and referrals across the country. This is a very important factor for people travelling to new cities.

Travel insurance may also make arrangements for compassionate visits, emergency evacuations or repatriation.

Domestic travel insurance may cover trip cancellations due to incidents such as natural calamities or terrorist activities in the city one intends to travel to.

Tips to Buy Travel Insurance

If you are on regular medication, buy travel insurance which covers emergency filling of prescriptions in case of item loss.

If you have a Pre-existing condition which can require emergency Hospitalization or treatment, buy travel insurance which covers for emergency evacuation.

Buy travel insurance which offers round the clock support. This way, you can get help and advice whenever you need. This especially helps in case of an emergency.

Domestic travel insurance can be very useful in a country like India. If you are travelling with family, it is always wise to be on the safer side. Buy travel insurance to protect you as well as your loved ones. As you travel across this splendid country, leave your worries behind with a comprehensive domestic travel insurance that covers all your requirements.