Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance Procedure

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Even though Travel Insurance Policy has been the buzzword for most travelers, the procedure for buying an insurance policy to filing a claim, worry many policyholders today. Travelers worry about securing the right travel insurance plan that provides desirable benefits against hassles of the trip and at a price that does not pinch one’s pocket. Staking Claim conveniently involves a lot of work as well. If travelers know the entire Travel Insurance Procedure, the job seems less tiring and in fact, hassle-free.

Here are the useful steps of Travel Insurance Procedure and how well you can avail one for your requirement:

Buying a Travel Insurance Cover

The first important step in the entire process of travel insurance cover is buying of the right travel insurance policy. Most advisors opine about online purchase as it is less time consuming and hassle-free. The online aggregator allows travelers to check the quotes for various insurance policies and compare them with features and benefits. To buy the right travel insurance, you need to:

  • Review quotes by providing various personal credentials
  • Select the ideal insurance policy
  • Fill-in the required online application form
  • Select required step to pay the premium
  • Follow the procedure till it is done

…And, the policy is now issued and shipped to your address. When buying it from an Insurance Agent or a broker, you need to go through similar steps for buying the travel insurance kit.

Claiming a Travel Insurance Policy

Claiming compensation for the damage is yet another major step in the insurance cover. For a travel insurance policy, the damage can be loss of baggage or passport to medical accidents or major sicknesses. A separate procedure to claim the compensation is needed for the damage. For instance, if there is a delay in the flight, cancellation, or missed connection while on transit, the following documents are required:

TPA or insurance service provider must be notified.
The claim form must be filled in with required information, such as:
Personal details.
Nature of the loss or accident.
Location of the incident.
Copy from the airlines or required authority about the incident.
Expenses incurred, if any, due to the incident or loss.

The documents must be posted to the insurance service provider.

When there is a baggage loss or baggage delay in the airport, the following documents must be furnished:

  • Complete filled-up claim form.
  • Airlines ticket.
  • Authorization slip, receipt or letter on the baggage misplacement.
  • Interaction data with the airlines.
  • Loss Notification Report from the airlines department.
  • Letter confirming the delay or misplacement of the baggage.
  • Cash receipts to get duplicate documents, such as passport.

In case there is a medical disaster or an accident, the claimant must provide medical report, admission and discharge cards, medical bills, reports, and test reports, passport and personal data. The documents must be forwarded to the insurance provider. For financial issues or issues related to bail bond and similar hassles, police report, complaint document, and report from the embassy must be furnished as well to get the claim. Remember, original documents are required for getting the required compensation as specified in the insurance cover.

Points to Note

Many policyholders who buy travel insurance policies to go abroad, fail to perform prerequisite tasks. Don’t forget to provide the exact details of the damage or loss in the claim form.

A little research, prompt action, and detailed document submission go a long way in getting your rightful claim. Make sure you follow the Travel Insurance Procedure judiciously to get your dues.