Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance - What to do if Things go Wrong While Traveling?

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You will never anticipate that something goes wrong while traveling. But life is full of surprises and uncertainties. You never know what is going to happen the next moment. It is all about getting prepared for any unwanted circumstances and events. While vacationing far from your city or vacationing abroad, any illness or Accident that requires Hospitalization can affect your financial health. Healthcare is expensive in foreign countries. And loss of baggage or loss of passport can spoil your trip. This is where getting Insured with Travel Insurance comes into play. A travel insurance Policy will keep you financially secured during your trip besides keeping you away from all other hassles involved. You only enjoy a worry-free journey. For a few countries, it is mandatory to buy travel insurance. Depending on the frequency of your travel, you can opt either for single trip or multi-trip policy.

Nitty-gritty to Consider While Buying Travel Insurance

Availing hassle-free assistance when things go wrong while traveling depends on which policy you buy. It will be wise on your part to consider a few factors before you buy it so that when you make travel insurance claims, you know what you are going to claim.

  • Cover for flight delays or flight cancellations
  • Cover for medical emergencies
  • Death and permanent total disablement cover
  • Cover for loss or delay of checked baggage
  • Hijack relief benefits if the airplane you are traveling is hijacked
  • Personal liability cover
  • Emergency assistance benefits

Validity of Policy

Your travel insurance cover will be valid on the date as specified in the policy. It can be the date of commencement of the trip or the time you board your flight. The cover ends till the time/date mentioned in your policy. In case your trip gets cancelled owing to natural calamities cancellation with no alternate transport being available, you can seek reimbursement. Reimbursement is not valid for cancellation due to personal reason.

TPA Services

When things go wrong while traveling, it is the Third Party Administrator (TPA) that facilitates you in getting your Claim for your travel insurance policy. So, as soon as you meet an emergency during traveling, get it intimated to the assigned TPA within a given time limit for speedy and hassle-free services. The TPA will arrange for your cashless hospitalization, emergency evacuations, and other covers as mentioned in your policy.

You can gain information from the TPA to deal with emergency situations and get medical assistance on the phone. Your assigned TPA will arrange quick medical aid and appointments in the local area when you need it. Processing of travel insurance claims is facilitated by the TPA.

Making Travel Insurance Claims

When you meet an emergency while traveling abroad, it is quite natural to be panicky. But why worry when you have a travel insurance policy. Before you step out of home do read the policy in detail. What evidence and documentation do you need to get a claim? Will you get a claim for the situation you are facing? To be on the safe side, take copies of your policy with you so that you have the documents and the unique policy number. Contact your TPA right away without wasting time.

Once you intimate your TPA for your travel insurance claims, your emergencies are taken care of in no time. If you have cashless facility, hospitalization charges are settled directly with the hospital. For the rest, once you reach India, you will have to apply for reimbursement by providing all the details along with all relevant documents.