Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Safe With Travel Insurance

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Most of us would love to travel; to explore new sites that are exciting and thrilling. Usually when people travel they collect information about accommodation, food, sightseeing, etc and other interesting aspects of the destination. However to have a safe and secure travel one should opt for Travel Insurance to safeguard them from unforeseen emergencies. Travel insurance is necessary to cover the financial loss occurring due to unexpected events.

Travel insurance offered by various companies is tailor made to provide lot of financial benefits when you travel overseas or within the country. Almost all the risks are covered by travel insurance like loss of baggage and personal possession, trip cancellation, burglary, delayed flight, any injury and much more. Once you buy travel insurance covering most of the risks, you can travel carefree anywhere and anytime.

Types of Travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance:

This is an ideal insurance for you when you plan for a single trip with your family.

Multi trip travel insurance

This insurance is a boon for those who travel extensively. You can pay only once and travel many times throughout the year. But some insurance companies would indicate the number of trips you can travel in a year.

Domestic travel insurance:

his insurance takes care of the unexpected expenditures incurred during travelling within the country.

Student travel insurance

This insurance is mainly for students to travel abroad to study. Insurance cover is essential for students who stay abroad because anything might happen in the tenure of their stay.

Types of travel insurance coverage

Trip Cancellation cover:

A trip may be cancelled for any reasons such as delaye in travel in case of terrible weather or other eventualities that comes under the ambit of airline authority.

This insurance reimburses the amount paid for the travel if the trip is cancelled for the above reason. Baggage protection cover: There are lots of chances for your baggage to get lost, stolen or damaged during your travel. Though airlines reimburses for lost baggage, it doesn’t give you the full money as the airlines would only cover the damaged baggage and will not pay for the damaged contents. So, it’s better to opt for baggage protection insurance.

Medical Cover:

Medical expenses are high these days especially when you travel abroad. This cover can be used to take care of the unexpected hospital and medicine cost.

Car rental insurance:

Renting a car is expensive while you travel abroad and when it gets damaged during travel, the expenses would ruin your whole trip. In this scenario, car rental insurance comes in handy and saves you from the unexpected high expenses.

Benefits of travel insurance

Following benefits are associated with travel insurance:

Legal Guidance:

If you have to seek legal assistance during your travel, it can be reimbursed with this travel insurance cover.

Emergency evacuation or delayed departures

At times due to emergency evacuation well before the scheduled date or due to delayed departures lot of expenses will be incurred. This insurance cover can be used in those circumstances to take care of the expenses.

Death and funeral expenses incurred abroad:

In case of sudden accidental death, the funeral expenses are taken care by this travel insurance cover.
Whether it’s a family trip or business vacation, you should get travel insurance to cover the financial loss due to unforeseen experiences.