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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Understand Travel Insurance Claims Procedure to Enjoy Full Benefits of Your Policy

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Most of the people hardly care to understand what their Travel Insurance Policy document covers and the procedures to be followed in case you need to Claim travel insurance. But travel insurance claims process is something that you should know upfront. This is because if you are not able to formally produce the desired evidence or documentation, as required by the policy terms, you stand the Risk of losing the overseas travel insurance claim. And then, the whole purpose of buying travel insurance stands defeated.

Every insurance company would have a different overseas travel insurance claims procedure. Claims procedure also varies for the kind of claim you may be seeking - Medical Expenses, Personal Accident, Trip Delay / Cancellation, Baggage Loss, Loss of Passport etc. As the procedure of claims for such things are different you should know what you need to do to see that your travel insurance claims are processed timely and smoothly.

General procedures you must follow

While the specific procedure for claim filing defer for different types of claim, mentioned below are some general procedures which you must follow to ensure successful claim filing.

Contact the insurance company immediately or as soon as possible, when the incident happens. File the claim as early as possible or within 28-31 days after you return from your overseas trip.

Keep a track of all the papers such as copy of prescriptions, police report, medical bill etc. Make copies so that you do not miss out any paper. Get a professional – doctor, police, lawyer or officer to give a statement in writing about the incident that occurred. If you have all the relevant papers filed properly it will become easier for you to make overseas travel insurance claim. But if you miss out any paper it may become difficult for you to prove the incident and claim travel insurance.

To file the claim, you would need to fill up a claim form which is available on the website or you can contact the company and they can fax/e-mail it to you. Remember to get the claim form signed by the treating doctor in case of medical emergency.

Be honest because you have to prove everything. If you exaggerate facts or lie, your overseas travel insurance claim may be denied.

Procedure for making claim:

Overseas Medical claim

If you suffer illness on an overseas trip and you need to be hospitalized, some insurance companies would want you to notify them before seeking medical help (emergency situation may be an exception). Insurance companies have a coordinating doctor who can give material medical advice, and in case if that is not possible, he can give a referral to a doctor or hospital. Also, consult your insurance company about the documents you would require to claim travel insurance.

Loss of baggage

In an unfortunate situation of having lost your baggage, you need to obtain confirmation from the airline regarding the same. The claim form will contain all the information regarding the documentation you will have to attach with the overseas travel insurance claim form.

Loss of passport

If you find yourself in such a difficult situation, the first thing that you would have to do is file a complaint at the local police station and contact the local embassy wherever required. In terms of documentation, you would need to produce a copy of the complaint to the local police station, new passport copy and details of the expenses incurred in obtaining a new passport copy.

Trip Cancellation Claim

In case, your trip gets cancelled due to bad weather, air, employment reasons or due to events which are under airline’s control, the traveler is entitled to compensation. To file the claim, you need to submit original tickets and proof of cancellation from the airline authority.

Personal Accident claim

If you suffer a personal accident, you’ll need a copy of police report and relevant medical reports to claim travel insurance