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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

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As the name suggests, Travel Insurance covers unforeseen circumstances that one may come across while travelling. However, it is always good to steer clear of assumptions and presumptions, and develop a clear understanding of all the elements covered under a travel insurance policy. In this article, we will put some light on the major aspects related with a travel insurance policy. These aspects mainly include cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, losses and evacuations.

Medical emergencies

This is one of the primary Coverage of travel insurance. A travel insurance Policy must provide you a cover against medical emergencies during the trip. Many times, people overlook this significant aspect of buying travel insurance due to good health but one should always keep it in mind that emergencies do not give any prior notice. Anything can happen while travelling and there is no harm in getting a travel insurance plan which covers medical exigencies in a comprehensive manner.


We are living in a world of uncertainties. You never know when your flight gets cancelled. There can be various reasons related with the cancellation. Pilots or airline staff may go on strike or there can be any weather-related reasons that may result in cancellation of flights. Travel insurance provides you coverage against such cancellations. Although many times, airline companies refund the entire amount on being at fault or may provide another flight without any additional charges. This may not be the case always. You may have to bear non-refundable charges. Travel insurance cover is therefore not only desirable but necessary in this case. Travel insurance claims can also be raised if the traveler is not able to travel due to certain reasons. These reasons may include sickness, injury or passing away of the traveler or a traveling companion.

Losses and delays

This is yet another most significant benefit of travel insurance. Any loss of baggage- whether lost or stolen or damage-is covered under a travel insurance policy. On the other hand, if your flight gets delayed substantially, then any expenses incurred towards hotel stay or meals shall also be covered under your travel insurance policy. It is not that all travel insurance policies cover all such kinds of expenses but it is good on your own part to factor in these important elements as flight delays become a norm sometimes and any ignorance on this front may result in unnecessary additional expenses.


A travel insurance policy comes to rescue under an extreme condition of accidental emergency, terrorist activities, or war. It covers expenses related with airlifts, ambulance transports, and other expenses related with emergency evacuation. Inclusion of these elements may not enable you to get a cheap travel insurance policy but can even out all odds that you may not have imagined.

One may buy travel insurance keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind and consider a comprehensive plan not only for international trips but domestic travel as well. Travel insurance in India has come a long way and cover all the above points. All you need is to check and negotiate your plans based on these requirements. To get travel insurance at best rate, you can log in to insurance comparison websites such as wherein you can compare various plans in a hassle-free manner and select the best travel plan according to your need and specifications.