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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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What My Travel Insurance Needs to Cover?

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Planning a great trip requires a great planning. It is not only your luggage or chart plan to visit various locations but also how you are going to tackle the situation should any emergency arise.

As the destination you are planning to travel may not be similar to the place where you are residing, you may find miscellany in lifestyle, food habits, culture, weather and even health treatments. You never know what the unexpected situation has for you in surprise. Therefore, Travel Insurance cover is acquired to take care of all your travel worries and make your trip hassle free and a memorable one.

Before you decide to buy travel insurance you need to take few things into account which your travel Insurer should cover depending on the type of your travel. Generally, all the travel insurance companies provide some common Coverage that is, luggage loss, trip cancellations or emergency evacuations. Other than these there are few more travel insurance covers, you should take into consideration before going on the trip.

Medical expense and dental treatment

Your health plays crucial role while you travel. If by any means you need to see the doctor at far off place without any idea of how much and where you should spend, it can mess up your travel budget. To avoid this situation you should have medical expense and dental treatment covered under your travel insurance belt.

In addition to this, your travel cover card should provide assistance against Hospitalization charges which may occur during travel. In case you need to be home due to medical exigencies, your travel insurance provider provides you the facility for the same under the emergency medical evacuation plan.

Baggage coverage

Needless to say, your luggage is your all time companion when you are away from home. Hence, if there is any theft of checked baggage or loss or any kind of delay of baggage, you are assisted financially to replace for the same.

Financial assistance

Besides your luggage, there are possibilities that you misplace your purse or it gets stolen which contained your cash-in-hand as well as the credit and debit cards. Your travel insurance claims includes the financial assistance too through which you get protected from unfortunate financial constraints.

Passport coverage

Many times due to the loss of luggage many people lose their passport without which entry to foreign countries is restricted. Through your travel insurance claims you can retrieve your lost passport or get the replacement for the same.

Personal accident

Any kind of Accident occurred with you or your companion while you are traveling can land you in confused state of mind, if you have this cover, your family or you would not have to face the hardships due to the unfortunate event and all your needs will be taken care of once you file your travel insurance claim.

Emergency evacuation

You may need to be quickly moved away from the area or the city where danger has been caused. This danger can be in form of floods or any kind of natural calamity, terrorism attacks, bombardments, fire or outbreak of any disease.

Delayed departure and cancellation of trips

When you buy travel insurance, this cover must be included in your policy. If you miss the departure due to any reason or your trip is cancelled due to uncertain reasons, you get the financial backup for the same and you are refunded the pre-paid and non-refundable amount.

There are many more coverage levels you can get depending on the type of travel insurance you buy. Each one has its own inclusions and exclusions. Other than these covers, the visitors are also provided assistance when there is plane hijack or distress due to any reason or death of the traveler, funeral and burial bindings, requirement of legal assistance or if the tour operator is caught bankrupt.