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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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What Travel Insurance Does Not Cover?

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You would have known how important and crucial Travel Insurance could be when you have planned on your trip abroad or to your favourite travel destination. The purpose of travel insurance Policy is to protect you against financial risks of various kinds, and hence, you might possibly have overlooked the list of Exclusions in your travel insurance cover. If you are looking at travel insurance claims, do not be surprised when the TPA points out at the fine print and wishes you better luck next time.

What Travel Insurance does not cover:.

1.Pre-existing medical conditions:

While the idea is not that you need to develop a new complication, your travel insurance claims may not be honoured if you claimed on account of a complication that arose from a Pre-existing medical condition.

2.Pregnancy and related complications:

While pregnancy may not be classified as a pre-existing medical condition for sure, complications that arise out of pregnancy may be out of scope of your travel insurance cover. Check with your TPA if you have both travel and delivery plans.

3.Travel for Treatment:

You wouldn’t expect your insurance policy to cover you for treatment, if the very purpose of your travel were treatment. For instance, if your travel is about getting treatment for a heart or kidney problem, you may want an insurance policy of a different nature, not travel insurance.

4.Acts of War:

Terrorism may be included in your travel insurance cover, but an act of war may not be within the scope of travel insurance claims. If you are planning on a holiday destination, avoid the war zone.

5.Loss of documents, money, or credit card:

Check with the TPA for an exhaustive list, but the fact is that you may not raise travel insurance claims if you lost a few currency notes or your credit card at your shopping destination. The list could well include your passport too. As always, read through the fine print.

6.Injuries from sports / adventure activities:

Are you thinking of throwing yourself off the cliff this season? Take your insurance policy along as you jump – travel insurance cover doesn’t consider your adrenaline rush in its scope anyway. Sports and adventure activities (and injuries that you may sustain on the way) are in the exclusion list of travel insurance.

7.Mental Illness:

Call it insane, but the TPA would want you to be sane for the entire duration of your travel. If you have had a nervous breakdown, for instance, your insurance policy may look the other way.

8.Self-inflicted injuries:

Travel is meant to be fun, and your travel insurance cover may not be applicable if you chose to hurt yourself, in a fit of emotion or otherwise.

9.Radiation injuries:

X-rays are fine, but if you thought you could take a walk into a nuclear reactor and test the radiation levels the next holiday season, your travel insurance may not take to it too kindly.

10.Cosmetic Surgeries:

You are free to take up cosmetic surgeries when you travel, if you found an attractive deal. However, do not expect to produce bills for travel insurance claims – and get your Botox treatment reimbursed.