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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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What You Cannot Claim in Travel Insurance?

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There may be nothing else as important in life as the ability to meet with contingencies and unexpected turn of events. Travel Insurance is nothing but a reflection of this statement, helping you tide over events that may not have been in your agenda while you make your well-planned trip to mark your holiday or leisure. However, there are things that may not be covered by your insurance Policy even as you have bought your travel insurance cover, and it may be worth your while looking at the items that you cannot Claim in travel insurance, before you can possibly think of travel insurance claims.

What you cannot claim in Travel Insurance:

1.Pre-existing medical conditions:

With all due respect to your medical conditions or disability that you might have already developed before purchasing your insurance policy, your travel insurance cover may politely decline from covering Pre-existing medical conditions that may already have been bothering you.

2.Pregnancy and related conditions:

The TPA or provider of your insurance policy would definitely share your happiness and joy at your having gotten into the family way, but if you had to attend to any contingency on account of your pregnancy or if you were to develop some complications related to your pregnancy as you travel, you may not be eligible for travel insurance claims.

3.Travel for Treatment:

You shouldn’t be surprised if your travel insurance cover isn’t precisely for your treatment needs, especially if you had planned the travel just for receiving treatment or for seeking cure for some medical conditions. Do check with the provider or TPA of your insurance policy – there may be other kinds of options available to you, but you may not be able to stake travel insurance claims for such cases.

4.Acts of War:

Yes, travel insurance is for unexpected developments in your travel and in your destination, but if you were to find yourself in a warzone during your holidays, you should consider yourself unlucky, because you may be left without your travel insurance cover, despite the best of intentions of the provider or administrator of your insurance policy.

5.Loss of documents, credit card or money

Travel insurance claims do not include loss of essential documents such as passports or loss of credit card or hard currencies in their exhaustive list. Check with your TPA or go through the fine print to find out what’s in and what’s out.

6.Sports / adventure activities and related injuries:

Bungee jumping might well have been in your agenda, but a snapped cord while you took your leap of faith may not be in the list of items covered by your insurance policy. You may want to live your spirit of adventure alright, but travel insurance may not readily share in your passion

7.Mental Conditions:

Travel insurance claims are for illnesses that are of a sound state of mind, and losing it while you have been on tour may not get you under travel insurance cover. A nervous breakdown, for instance, doesn’t impress them much.

8.Self-inflicted injuries:

Travel insurance claims may be out-of-sight if you decided to slash your wrist or bang your head for the sake of it. Stupid as it may be, your insurance policy expects you to act mature while you are under travel insurance cover.

9.Radiation injuries:

If you find a warning board that cautions you of radiation risks in your travel destination, oblige. Remember that travel insurance is not radiation-proof and may become void when exposed to radiation.

10.Cosmetic Surgeries:

You may not be expected to make travel insurance claims for an attractive face-lift or your hair transplant, for instance, during your holidays. Unfortunately, you are expected to earmark your own funds and your insurance policy may not vouch for your cosmetic expenses.