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When Medical Check-Up Becomes Necessary for Travel Insurance?

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When you have plans ahead to travel, all sorts of preparations are going up in your mind- which bag to take, what should be the wardrobe content, passport and so on. You also take care that there is no work left undone before you leave your house before boarding the flight. Like a smart traveler, you have also bought Travel Insurance card to help yourself in the times of need. But have you considered taking care of your health issues during your course of trip?

Health and travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is a good thing but just the travel insurance is not enough and may lead to rejected Claim if it is related to your health. Hence, if you have health issues like high/low blood pressure or diabetes, you need to disclose this while procuring the travel insurance plan and consider buying travel health insurance, so that you are covered for your health too.

Medical check-ups — do you need them before buying travel insurance?

There are certain criteria set by each travel insurance company regarding medical conditions and therefore some may ask and some may not bother to have your medical checkups done before you procure travel insurance cover from them. Your Insurer has done his job by acquiring the document regarding your health conditions with your signature on it. Now, it is your turn to check whether they cover you for the same or not.

Generally, your travel insurance card may provide you common and basic cover features like lost baggage, passport, cards and cash and may take care of expenses due to injury and Pre-existing diseases in life threatening situations to certain extent. In case, you want your health conditions to get covered in detailed manner, you need to provide medical check-up reports for the same.

Let’s see what the conditions are when you require medical check-ups in travel insurance:

Pre-existing disease

If the treatment for disease such as diabetes, heart conditions, angina, heart stroke, high blood pressure is already effective at the time of signing up the travel insurance policy, it is called as pre-existing disease. To get covered for your pre-existing condition you should have latest medical reports and buy travel Health Insurance for extensive coverage.

Senior citizen traveler

Undergoing medical check-ups for senior citizens falling under the age bracket of 60 to 85 years is always advisable as they are more prone to various health disorders at this age. Buying senior citizen travel health insurance will not only provide them health cover but their care would be taken as per their prevailing health condition, if required.


Pregnancy is the most common exclusion of the travel insurance. Almost all travel insurers would allow the pregnant lady to enroll for the travel insurance cover only if the gestational age is less than 28 weeks and fit to travel certificate and latest medical check-up report are issued to her by her gynecologist.

Long duration trip

Travel insurance for long duration trip is normally comprehensive and you will be asked to provide health documentation to avail extensive health coverage.

A customized travel insurance plan is a picket fence against all kinds of uncertainties that can arise while you are on your tour. Health being the basic thing to take into account needs your prior attention during the period of your traveling. If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above, you need to take care of yourself by providing recent medical reports to your insurer to get the extensive health insurance cover for prevailing condition.