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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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When to Buy Travel Insurance?

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The latest that you can buy Travel Insurance is a day before your trip begins. But, you can buy insurance anytime after booking the trip.

Many a time, when you are booking the trip, your travel agent or the trip booking portal will suggest that you buy insurance right away. It is not necessary to buy it right then. Take time and shop around, the offer will still be there. Since it is important to know the cost of the trip you need to calculate and reach the amount you wish to insure your trip for. Take time to look for travel insurance options that you may have. There are many insurance companies offering travel insurance some even specializing in it. Get quotes from them compare features and prices and pick the most suitable.

Although you can buy travel insurance Policy anytime before the trip, buying early has its own advantages. There are a few features that make the insurance policy more effective if bought early.

If a trouble crops up in your airline or cruise operator after you have already taken the travel insurance, the cancellation will be covered. It you take insurance after the trouble begins, the trip cancellation may not be covered. Same is the case with a natural disaster like hurricanes or earthquakes. These covers of a travel insurance plan are more effective if taken early rather than waiting for the last moment.

Generally there are no medical tests required to get travel insurance but if there is a per-existing diseases, you may have to undergo medical test. Tests are also required if you have crossed a certain age. You need more time for the insurance to get approved for that. Buying early allows you this time and hence time for getting the insurance approved by the insurance company.

The cost of insurance is based on the cover that you take. Buying early or late won’t change the cost of insurance

Buying early has its advantages but not necessarily buying immediately. Take time; estimate the cost of the trip, shop around, compare and get the best deal available.

Most importantly, don’t hide any personal or medical information required by the insurance company