Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Which Travel Insurance is Better - Annual, Multi-Trip or Single-Trip Insurance?

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Just like any other requirement, traveling is also a need you sometimes couldn’t do without. When your journey is carried out with ease and fulfills the purpose for which it was planned, you feel accomplished, isn’t it?

However, as all of us know, problems arrive unexpectedly and if they arrive while you are travelling, you feel helpless and many times those minor hassles ruin your trip. In order to be self-reliant and take care of all travel needs in an independent manner, one should buy travel insurance.

Travel insurance

The Term stands for financial assistance provided against the unexpected travel troubles in form of personal accident, medical expenses, lost luggage, passport or any kind of financial burden.

Moreover, there are incidents that cannot be individually controlled such as trip cancellations, terrorism, airline or cruise line declared bankrupt and many more. There is always a need for support for these kinds of problems especially, when you have already paid a huge amount of money. Travel Insurance is like your companion while travelling that takes care of your every need in a systematic manner.

Depending on the number of trips in a year, travel insurance can be categorized into single trip travel insurance or annual multi trip travel insurance.

Single trip travel insurance

As the name suggests, travel insurance plan that is bought to cover the duration of only a single trip is called as single trip travel insurance and suits to those who do not travel so often. You can get the single trip travel insurance plan for a period maximum of six months.

Annual multi trip travel insurance

This kind of travel insurance is your ticket to protection for numerous trips extended to a period of one year. People who travel frequently for business purposes or just have chilling-out trips all around the year, should buy annual multi trip travel insurance kit.

Reasons to consider multi trip travel insurance

One of the features to consider multi trip travel insurance is that this plan embraces various factors related to the travel issues, for example trip cancellation

When it comes to a single trip, you need to board the flight only twice whereas, when you need to travel for number of times in a given year, you need to board the flight multiple number of times. Therefore, multi trip travel insurance considers various reasons of flight cancellations or trip interruptions and hence the Coverage level is much high as compared to single trip travel insurance plan.

Another example is number of sports covered. When you book for a single trip travel insurance, it covers the sports that are prominent in that particular state or country. Whereas, when you possess the multi trip travel insurance kit, your travel insurance claims with regards to sports activities can be unlimited in number.

Reasons to consider single trip travel insurance

When the number of trips in a year is just two to three, you should buy travel insurance for each trip individually as there are number of benefits attached to the single trip insurance plan. If we again take the example of sports, you may not need to raise the travel insurance Claim for every sports activity as you will be visiting just two to three places in a year.

The amount of Premium is another reason to consider single trip travel insurance plan. As your need for travel insurance cover is just for a single visit, your premium charges will be lower as compared to those of the multi trip travel insurance policy.

There is no perfect answer for which travel insurance is the best. When you buy travel insurance consider all the benefits and drawbacks linked to each type of plan and then decide which one works best for you.