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Why Do You Need Adventure Sports Travel Insurance?

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Need for including adventure sports cover under insurance plan

Skiing, ice skating, river rafting, rock climbing, paragliding and Jeep and Jungle Safari are some of the most popular adventure sports that one would look forward in his travel and one understands well these sports have their own risks. Hence, it is essential that we buy best Travel Insurance plan that would cover for the risks that are associated with adventure sports, as many regular policies would have an exclusion clause in which they would list down the adventure sports, for which they would not cover the medical or other liabilities that are otherwise covered.

If you are sure that you are traveling for enjoying adventure sports, it is better that you buy a specific cover for yourself. As any eventuality arising out of adventure sports can lead to pretty heavy expenses. Generally adventure sports are held at a place that is isolated, where emergency assistance expenses such as helicopter expenses and the cost of covering an emergency rescue team and procedures can lead you to bankruptcy.

In India, many travel insurance companies still hesitate to cover adventure sports, but there are some companies that are offering cover for adventure sports under their overseas travel insurance plans. By paying a nominal additional Premium you can get cover for adventure sports when traveling abroad. But as no standard premiums are defined for adventure sports, some companies may charge you a hefty premium depending on the level of the Risk of adventure sports you may plan to undertake as well as your health condition. Your premium level may go high or in some case your request for covering adventure sports may altogether be rejected if your insurance provider senses your appetite for taking extreme risks.

Tips for buying the best travel Policy for adventure sports

You may either buy a comprehensive travel policy that would cover all the adventure sports or you can pick and choose only those adventure sports that you are likely to be engaged in and is not excluded by your regular travel policy. Before you buy, make it a point to always compare the plans. Don't buy a policy only on the basis of sum Insured and premium, but do a comparative analysis of companies and their offerings like online services, claims process, toll free number and payment options.

These days, you can also take help of insurance comparison websites such as to compare travel insurance plans offered by different companies. You can compare the policies, their terms and conditions and buy the best travel insurance plan that meets your adventure sports requirement as well.