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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Why Travel Insurance Claim Was Declined?

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You are on a holiday with your family and friends or could also be on a business trip. You plan to go sightseeing and generally having a good time. However, you could also end up losing your belongings and valuables including passport, become seriously ill, meet with an unfortunate Accident or even end up not making the trip itself. These are situations that any of us could meet during our journey and should be well prepared, emotionally and financially.

It is precisely for this reason that Travel Insurance is an important part of most trips these days. Travel insurance gives you and your family the necessary finances and peace of mind in case of loss of your belongings or money, sudden illness or accidents, or even if your trip gets cancelled.

What You Must Know

Merely having a travel insurance Policy with you will not guarantee that you will be secure during an emergency or an unfortunate situation. It is not necessary that you will receive the payout as soon as you make the claim. There are various mistakes that you can commit, either due to ignorance or due to carelessness, which can result in your Claim being delayed or denied.

You must be careful about these issues so that you will not be denied your rightful claim should such an emergency occur. For example, if you have a Pre-existing illness that you fail to declare at the time when your policy is issued, you could end up losing your insurance claim if your trip is affected by the illness. There are some more reasons that you should be aware of and what you can do to avoid these situations.

Common Reasons for Claims Rejection

Here are some of the common reasons for travel insurance policy rejections:

Insufficient Proof

You must submit medical reports as proof of treatment, FIR for loss of your luggage etc. to claim insurance. Not having a police report for theft of your belongings can cause your claim to get rejected.

No Evidence of Ownership

You must produce bills, receipts etc. to prove that you are the owner of something that you claim was lost.

Leaving Luggage Unattended

Claiming insurance for loss due to your carelessness will cause your claim to be rejected.

Not declaring Pre-existing Medical Conditions

You must declare your pre-existing medical conditions correctly and completely to claim insurance

Accidents and Fights due to Alcoholism or Drugs

Accidents and Fights that happen due to over drinking or if you are under influence of drugs will not be covered by insurance

Informing Insurer at the Right Time

You must inform the insurer immediately after the incident and not after your trip is over to claim insurance.

Incorrect Assumptions about Exclusions

Ensure that all activities you will be undertaking during the trip, such as sky diving and water-skiing, are covered by the insurance policy.

Cancelled trip due to Terrorism

You can’t claim insurance if your holidays are interrupted due to terrorism. However, you can claim insurance for emergency medical treatment and your return trip back home.

If your travel insurance claim gets rejected in future, don’t think that you have been duped by the insurance company. Most often there are genuine reasons for its rejection as a result of your ignorance or carelessness. Take care of the above situations and you will have a satisfactory trip even if something unfortunate takes place.