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Travel Insurance

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Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Bharti Enterprises is a renowned pioneer in the Indian telecom industry. Headquartered in New Delhi, it is an entrenched name among the prominent conglomerates of the country today. Bharti AXA General Insurance is the insurance arm of the group. It is a joint venture between the Bharti Group and AXA which is a French insurance giant headquartered in Paris.

Bharti Group has a stake of 51% in this joint venture, and the remaining 49% is under the umbrella of AXA.

Apart from life insurance, the company also provides insurance covers for vehicles like car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, critical illness insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance, corporate solutions, home insurance and travel insurance.

Travel insurance is highly disregarded in India. Globally, it is only mandatory in few European nations. It is necessary to permeate the essentiality of travel insurance in our routine for traveling domestically and internationally might be a leisure activity for some, but for a few in the lot, it is a necessity.

Key Advantages & Features

Bharti AXA General Insurance provides the coverage for travel insurance for traveling in more than 130 countries, The coverage under Bharti AXA’s travel is provided for minimum two days and can be extended to 365 days. Thus, the scope and benefits of Bharti AXA’s travel insurance plan are feasible comparatively.

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited – Past Performance

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance stated revenue of INR 126,32,53,000 for the year ended 31st December 2016.
  • The amount of claims incurred till 31st December 2016 is INR 7,002,132,000.
  • The company has settled and paid 58,768 claims by the end of December 2016.
  • In 2014, the company won the ‘Best Insurance Company’ in private sector in general category at the BFSI Awards, 2014 by the World HRD Congress.

Types of Products under the Travel Insurance Plan of Bharti AXA General Insurance

The products under the travel insurance policies of Bharti AXA are categorized under two heads. They are namely,

  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance – Individuals and Family

Student Travel Insurance Plan

This plan is solely for the safeguard of students traveling overseas for academic purposes. Youngsters opting to leave the country to pursue higher studies are more susceptible to travel adversities like luggage loss, theft, accidents, etc. To protect them from these overwhelming complexities, this plan is designed exclusively for them.

Travel Insurance – Individuals and Family

This plan has a wider aspect in terms of coverage. International trips for vacations with families or international business trips etc., everything will be covered under this.

Product Plans Details under the Travel Insurance Service of the Company

Benefits of Student Travel Insurance

  • Safeguard from loss of essential travel documents like passport, travelers’ cheques, traveling tickets, etc.
  • Medical treatment expenses in case of illnesses or accidents. Coverage for emergency dental treatment provided too.
  • Loss or delay of the luggage which is checked in.
  • Expenses covered for compassionate visits.
  • Legal expenses are reimbursed

Exclusions of Student Travel Insurance

Cases of exclusions under student travel insurance are –

  • Any pre-existing condition except any life-threatening case.
  • Any occurrence due to the activities of the insured under the influence of alcohol or any recreational drugs.
  • Terrorist activities
  • Loss of travel documents left at any public place and the same not intimated to the police within 24 hours.
  • Injuries and accidents caused due to the participation in hazardous sports/activities.
  • Cosmetic surgery unless required because of an accident or routine medical examination.
  • Partial loss of items in checked-in baggage
  • Loss of passport if it is left unattended in public and not reported to police within 24 hours

Benefits of Travel Insurance – Individuals and Family

  • Subscribing to the insurance policy instantly at the time of the trip will get you insured within few minutes.
  • No need of undergoing a medical test for anyone in your family who is within 70 years of age.
  • It is recognized by Schengen Embassies.
  • Assistance for 24*7 worldwide.
  • Option of online premium payment is available.

Coverage of Travel Insurance – Individuals and Family

  • All medical expenses including a return to India and evacuation in case of medical emergencies.
  • Permanent physical disability, partial disability due to accidents and even deaths are covered.
  • Additional benefits are provided in case of accidental death or permanent disability if traveling through a common carrier.
  • Benefits for misplacement or loss of checked in luggage.
  • Losses occurred due to accidental fire or robbery at your home in the resident country while you are traveling abroad.
  • Expenses remitted if the trip is shelved or delayed due to a certain particular reason.
  • Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalisation
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Trip cancellation & interruption
  • Missed Connection
  • Personal Liability
  • Financial Emergency Assistance
  • Hijack Distress Allowance
  • Home Fire & Insurance Contents
  • Loss of Deposit or cancellation - Hotel and Airline
  • Overbooked Flight
  • Bail Bond
  • Legal Expenses
  • Emergency Accommodation

The travel insurance plan for individual and families is also known as SmartTraveller Insurance. There are various plans under it –

  • Non-Schengen Travel Insurance Plan/Pre-underwritten Insurance Plan
  • Schengen Travel Insurance Plan
  • Annual Multi-trip Plan

Other benefits under SmartTraveller Plan are expenses for daily hospital charges, hijack distress for a specific number of days, advance payments made to airlines or hotels cancelled, bail amount covered in case the insured gets arrested for any bailable offence, emergency accommodation expenditure, etc.

There are five sub-policies under Non-Schengen Travel Insurance Plan –

  • SmartTraveller Basic
  • SmartTraveller Regular
  • SmartTraveller Essential
  • SmartTraveller Silver
  • SmartTraveller Gold

Under Schengen Travel Insurance Plan there are three plans –

  • SmartTraveller Schengen Silver
  • SmartTraveller Schengen Gold
  • SmartTraveller Schengen Platinum

Annual multi-trip plans also has three plans –

  • SmartTraveller Multi trip Silver
  • SmartTraveller Multi trip Gold
  • SmartTraveller Multi trip Platinum

Sum Assured

For individuals and families the amount of sum assured is $50000-100000, and for students traveling overseas, it is $100000-500000.

Eligible Length of the Trips

Minimum 2 days and maximum 30, 45 or 60 days varying according to the plans subscribed. This plan is feasible for those who travel overseas frequently.

Eligible Age

Minimum age is same for all the plans i.e. three months, and the maximum age limit is 85, 60, and 70 years respectively.

Other Eligibility Constraints

  • Individuals and family floater with two dependent children below 23 years of age are also eligible.
  • All the Indian citizens and residents of other countries holding an employment permit residing in India are eligible.