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Travel Insurance

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Cholalamandalam MS Travel Insurance Plans

Cholalamandalam MS Travel Insurance Company

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited or Cholamandalam MS GIC Ltd. or simply Chola MS is an insurance firm formed out of joint venture agreement between two stalwarts group. The Indian joint venture partner is the renowned INR 225 Billion Murugappa Group founded in 1900 whereas the foreign joint venture partner is Mitsui Sumitomo Japan’s largest INR 735 billion insurance company.

Cholamandalam MS GIC Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of general insurance products in its gamut of offers including travel insurance and has a wide presence throughout the country with around 105 branches and 9000 agents.

The Motto of the insurance firm is TTT, where T stands for transparency, trust and technology. With a clear vision, the company has been forging ahead to surpass parameters and has been awarded several times in prestigious awards ceremonies and by renowned groups for attaining excellence in several dimensions of the insurance sector.

In the year 2015-2016 the company recorded a GWP of INR 24.66 billion which was a 30 % increase over previous year’s GWP and a PBT of INR 2.13 billion.

Chola MS Travel Insurance

Travelling is fraught with several risks, and people who succumb to such very many risks can well explain how distressing it can be! Travel risks cannot be eliminated but can very well be managed by being insured during travel. Taking into consideration the worries that tick away in the minds of travelers throughout the travel, Chola MS has brought out a comprehensive travel insurance plan for all types of travelers. Now travelers can put their minds at rest by subscribing Chola MS travel insurance policy for self and family members during travel and let Chola MS take care of the worries.

Under the travel insurance category Chola MS offers

Chola MS Domestic Insurance

Under this travel insurance plan, the traveler can get cover for several risks during domestic travel, and these include cover related to:

  • Emergencies of medical nature
  • Theft or loss of belongings
  • Delays in travel
  • Permanent disability cover
  • Death cover
  • Personal liability cover

Chola MS Overseas Insurance Plan

Overseas travel is associated with certain different kinds of risks which need to be addressed differently from risks associated with domestic travel. For overseas travelers’ peace of mind Chola MS has crafted categorized insurance cover package based on overseas insurance research to suit the different insurance requirements

  • For travelers seeking a basic cover, Chola MS offers Silver plan
  • For travelers seeking more comprehensiveness, Chola MS offers Gold plan
  • For elderly travelers (71-80 years) Chola MS offers Senior Citizen plan.
  • Cover for emergencies arising out of pre-existing medical conditions

Chola MS Travel Insurance Plan for Students

Students fall into a special category of overseas travelers and belonging to the young and inexperienced age group they are more susceptible to risks associated with travel, and some of these risks are peculiar to their category. Chola MS Student travel insurance cover takes into consideration all sorts of these generalities as well as peculiarities under this category of insurance. Besides the general cover features, the specific student travel cover features include:

  • Students can choose from silver, gold and platinum plans
  • Medical extension under platinum plan
  • Medical extension includes
    1. Treatment of sports injuries
    2. Treatment of mental or nervous disorders, alcohol and drugs dependence
    3. Hospitalization expenses including pregnancy, cancer detection, mammography, newborn care for a week.
  • Medical expenses cover of one year extendable up to two years, includes
    1. Outpatient expenses cover
    2. Hospital expenses cover
  • Large global coverage now also including Asia Pacific and Japan

Chola MS Travel Insurance for Corporates

This Plan is a group insurance plan tailor made for corporates who need to send their staff overseas frequently for professional and business trips. Besides the general features of travel covers, special features of corporate travel plan include:

  • Highly flexible plan
  • Customized cover options
  • All travel days cover validity
  • Umbrella cover with premium discount features
  • Overseas traveler replacement cover
  • Emergency medical and dental cover

General Features and Benefits of Chola MS Travel Insurance Cover Plans

These features are applicable for all the subcategories of the company’s travel insurance plans, and among them the salient features are:

  • Immediate international assistance through international tie-ups
  • Round the clock emergency assistance and toll-free number assistance
  • Start from residence till return to residence cover
  • Policy subscribers do not need to undergo medical tests
  • Cashless hospital expenses payment
  • Daily hospital expenses cover
  • Cover for emergencies of medical nature including accidents and illnesses
  • Cover for death during travel and remains repatriating expenses cover
  • Evacuation to resident country option available under optional plans
  • Cover for loss of passport, baggage, international driving license
  • Cover for checked baggage delay
  • Personal liability cover
  • Cover for cancellation or curtailment of trip
  • Financial assistance in case of theft or snatching
  • Allowance in the event of Hijack
  • Over 12 hours flight delay compensation
  • Customized and optional cover features

Exclusions Under Chola MS Travel Insurance Policy

Exclusions are exercised by Chola MS in cases when cover sought is not linked with normal travel risks, and these include:

  • If travelling reason is the treatment of a particular medical ailment, then treatment for medical conditions arising out of such ailment is not covered.
  • If medical treatment can be delayed according to medical opinion of attending medical officer and can be sought after return to India, then treatment for such conditions is not covered.
  • Emergencies of the military, governmental or civil nature like war, terrorist attacks, civil war.
  • Conditions arising due to participation in activities associated with abnormal risks.
  • Conditions arising due to alcohol and substance abuse or self-injury
  • Conditions associated with activities of criminal or illegal nature
  • Conditions arising due to participation in war based operations
  • Medical conditions arising out of STD diseases such as HIV and Aids

Why Choose Chola MS Travel Insurance?

Prior to choosing a travel insurance partner policy subscribers are concerned whether the insurer will stand true on its commitments. With Chola MS travel insurance plans travelers can be assured of having come to the right place as Chola MS:

  • Places utmost priority on fast, smooth online claim settlement
  • Is a profitable company with sound financial standing
  • Is a company with long commendable history
  • Is an authorized insurance company with IRDA registration
  • Widespread presence
  • Proven mettle in risk management and insurance sector
  • Has been awarded for attaining high claim settlement ratios
  • Provides round the clock customer care assistance
  • Has international tie-ups for swift overseas assistance
  • Provides its customers state of the art seamless online platform
  • Regular public disclosures through online portal

Documents to keep handy while Travelling

While travelling travelers should keep all travel insurance details and documents besides other necessary documents handy on self for quick action during any emergency situation. The documents for accessing quick assistance of insurer in hours of emergency include:

  • Insurance policy number
  • Insurer toll-free numbers
  • Alternate insurer contact numbers
  • Contact number of personal insurance officer if applicable
  • Insurance policy document
  • Passport
  • Updated residence contact details
  • Contact details of friend/relative
  • Recent photographs
  • Blood group
  • International sim card

It is recommended that insured should in advance make two neat sets of the above, one set of copies and one set of originals, as well as store important details and documents in accompanying mobile and electronic devices and then s/he is ready to take off.