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Travel Insurance

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Future Generali Travel Insurance Plans

Future Generali Travel Insurance Company

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited or simply Future Generali India was formed in September 2007 (Registration number 132 and CIN U66030MH2006PLC165287) after being granted authorization certificate by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

The insurance firm was an outcome of a joint venture, in the wake of India increasing Foreign direct investment stake in the insurance sector, between Indian business conglomerate Future Group and Italian company Generali which is among the world’s 50 largest insurance company (as per 2015 Fortune Global 500 rankings) established around 1831. Indian group Future established 25 years ago, is well known for its retail ventures namely Big Bazaar, Central, Food Bazaar and E-Zone which have now become leaders in the retail sector.

The insurance firm has its registered office in Elphinstone (West) in Mumbai and has a countrywide presence through direct channels and more than 6000 advisors.

Future Generali India Travel Insurance

Travelling is associated with several risks but now thanks to Future Generali travel insurance covers, travelers can now adequately insure their own selves as well as family members while on tour. It is advisable to get adequately covered on trips as the existing medical and health insurance may apply only within certain geographical boundaries. Also, there is always a risk of losing belongings and important documents when abroad or being stranded due to delays and cancellations.

Future Generali offers personal as well as corporate travel insurance solutions and their offer include:

  • International travel insurance
  • Student travel insurance
  • Schengen and global travel insurance

International Travel Insurance

Overseas travel is associated with certain different kinds of risks which need to be addressed differently from risks associated with domestic travel. For overseas travelers’ peace of mind Chola MS has crafted categorized insurance cover package based on overseas insurance research to suit the different insurance requirements

  • Eligibility: adults in the age group of 18-70 years can avail overseas travel cover for a single as well as multiple trips. For availing Asia travel family floater plan, the age eligibility is 18-65 years. The cover can be availed for children in the age group of 6 months to 25 years and for senior citizens in the age group of 71 to 80 years.
  • Medical test requirement and validity: no requirement of medical tests up to the age of 70 years if no significant health condition has been declared in the form by the subscriber. For travelers in the age group of 71 to 80 years prescribed medical tests need to be carried out although under Select worldwide travel plan this age group is also exempted from medical tests provided no significant health condition has been declared in the proposal form. Validity of medical reports wherever applicable would be up to 30 days.
  • Cover Duration: Minimum one day and maximum 180 days or 360 days depending on the plan variant. Cover duration extendable for another 180 days but in no case, the cover can exceed 360 days including extensions.
  • Plan variants: Prime care select plans, Standard select and Silver select plans.

Student Travel Insurance

Students belong to a special class of international travelers who need cover for various special as well as general risks associated with overseas travel.

  • Eligibility Student travelers in the age group of 18 to 35 years can apply.
  • Medical tests and validity No medical tests are required if no significant health condition has been declared by the subscriber in the proposal form. In case significant health condition(s) has (ve) been reported then certain medical tests would be required.
  • All medical tests are valid up to 30 days.

    1. Medical tests charges reimbursable :half of the expenditures incurred on required medical tests are reimbursed by Future Generali if the subscriber becomes their policyholder.
    2. Special Covers: besides the general covers applicable for all overseas travel insurance plans, there are some special cover provisions under the student travel insurance plan, which include:
      1. Tuition fee cover: due to injury, sickness, hospitalization, death, if the student is not able to continue studies then rstrongaining paid up tuition fee is reimbursed by Future Generali.
      2. Sponsor cover: in the event of permanent disability or demise of the student’s sponsor, Future Generali reimburses a certain specified amount as expenses for the continuation of studies.
    Cover Duration: Minimum 30 days and maximum two years. Policyholder can opt for extending cover duration once, but in no case, cover will apply beyond a total of 730 days including extensions.

Schengen and Worldwide Travel Insurance

This travel insurance plan is for travelers travelling to Europe on a Schengen visa either for business or leisure purposes. Under this plan, all Schengen listed countries are covered under one policy, and the policy can be purchased instantly.

  • Eligibility: The policy can be subscribed by and for adults in the age group of 18 to 70 years and for children within six months to 25 years
  • Cover duration: cover is valid for minimum one day and maximum 180 days and can be extended for another 180 days.

Future Generali Travel Insurance General Features and Benefits

These features and benefits are applicable to all Future Generali travel insurance plans, the salient features and benefits include:

  • Cover for emergency medical expenses
  • Cover for loss of baggage and delay in baggage arrival
  • Cover for loss of passport
  • Cover for disability due to accident
  • Coordination in home country in case of emergencies
  • Flight delay, flight cancellation cover
  • Trip cancellation cover due to emergencies
  • Third party life and property cover due to accident
  • Global presence of emergency networks
  • Customized plan variants
  • 24 by seven emergency assistance
  • Swift and seamless claim settlement processes
  • Hassle free online policy subscription
  • Cashless claims settlement
  • Individual, group and corporate travel cover plans

Exclusions under Future Generali Travel Insurance Plan

Future Generali exercises exclusions and does not provide any cover benefit under certain specific circumstances and these may include:

  • Conditions and complications caused due to pre-existing diseases or illnesses
  • Routine medical examinations are not covered
  • Conditions arising due to self-injury, mental disorder, suicide attempt
  • Complications due to drug and alcohol abuse and irresponsible behavior
  • Policy does not provide cover for conditions due to HIV or AIDS
  • Pregnancy and pregnancy-related complications
  • Confiscation of passport by customs or police
  • Losses not reported to local police within 24 hours
  • Losses arising due to war and war like situations
  • Losses arising due to unlawful or criminal acts

Why choose Future Generali Travel Insurance?

  • Insurance company authorized by IRDA
  • Meritorious and financially strong company
  • Countrywide and Global presence
  • Transparent procedures and public disclosures
  • High claim settlement records
  • Swift and simple claim settlement process

Future Generali Travel Insurance Kit

Policyholders of Future Generali travel insurance plans are provided with a policy kit which along with other important documents should always be within easy and quick reach during journeys, the kit includes:

  • Policy schedule/document with policy number
  • Receipt of premium payment
  • Covers applicable under the policy
  • Terms and conditions of the policy
  • Global helpline numbers for emergency situations

Future Generali Travel Insurance Policy Claim Process

Future Generali offers two types of claim processes one being a cashless settlement and the other reimbursement of covered expenses. Cashless settlements are generally for medical emergencies whereas reimbursements may be sought for other emergencies covered by the travel policy.

In the case of cashless claims, policyholder needs to show policy document to medical service provider abroad and inform Future General’s foreign assistance partner Europ Assistance regarding the claim where after Europ Assistance settles the claim directly with the service provider.

For reimbursement of expenses already undertaken which are covered under the travel policy, the policy holder needs to inform Europ Assistance regarding the claim and on coming back to India submit the required documents to Europ Assistance who then settle the claim within stipulated time period after verification.