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Travel Insurance

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IFFCO TOKIO Travel Insurance Plans

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance - Travel Insurance

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance is a merger between Tokio Marine Group, the largest private insurance group in Japan, and IFFCO which is the largest farmer’s fertilizer cooperative in the world, based in India. In India, IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance is the 3rd leading private general insurance firm. They have their headquarters in Gurgaon.

Need for Travel Insurance

Today, we often find ourselves visiting unknown cities and countries, for the purpose of work and leisure. Being in a locale that is not familiar to us can be daunting, immersed in a foreign culture and way of things - where we have few contacts to call if we need help. No matter how well a trip is planned, things can go wrong unforeseeable and without any prior notice.

Travel insurance is a safety net against many complications that may arise during a vacation or business trip, be it domestic or overseas. Accidents such as loss of baggage, passport, third party liability, or medical issues are covered for. Many plans also include reimbursement of emergency cash or help in case of loss or theft of travel documents and personal valuables.

Product Details

IFFCO TOKIO GIC provides two online travel insurance plans based on the nature and duration of your trip overseas:

  • Overseas Travel Insurance Plan – These are the general travel medical insurance policy provided by IFFCO TOKIO for travelers going abroad for a relatively short period. These plans cover the needs of Indian travelers going anywhere abroad, including the US and every other country.
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojna – This policy is catered towards Indian nationals emigrating to a foreign country for employment. It is compulsory for all Indian emigrants to purchase insurance while undergoing ECR, as required by the Ministry of External Affairs, and this policy fulfills these checks. This scheme provides more basic cover than the others.

IFFCO TOKIO Overseas Travel Insurance Plan

  • There are up to five different plans under this scheme, offering varying degrees of insurance cover. This is convenient as you can choose which policy is the best for you, and provides you with a lot of freedom in finding what is most feasible for your budget.
  • The plans available mostly differ from each other by the amount of total medical travel insurance cover they provide. They are as follows:
  • Bronze - Medical Expense: $50,000
  • Silver - Medical Expenses: $250,000
  • Gold 100 - Medical Expenses: $100,000
  • Gold 250 - Medical Expenses: $250,000
  • Gold 500 - Medical Expenses: $500,000
  • All these policies provide a daily hospital allowance of 30$ a day for 20 days. The Gold 100 and Bronze are more basic plans and do not have any such provision.
  • All the plans cover dental treatment up to $250.
  • In case of death of insurance holder, the plans cover the costs of the burial and transportation of remains up to $7000.
  • In case you lose your checked baggage in its entirety, the insurance provides a cover of up to $1000, and $500 for the Bronze plan.
  • Delay of checked baggage is covered up to $150, with the Bronze plan providing $100.
  • A cover of $200 is provided for loss of passport.
  • Personal accidents that are violent and physical in nature and inflicted by an external source are covered up to $25,000. The Bronze plan allocates $15,000 for such cases.
  • Personal liabilities or legally enforceable obligations, i.e., injury or damage to property caused wrongfully by public entities during their operations, are covered up to $100,000. The Bronze plan does not cover this.
  • Aside from these provisions, Gold 500, which is the highest tier plan, has a few extra perks. It provides $700 as Hijack Distress Allowance, i.e., in case of a hijack of air or water carrier over 12 hours. It also has a Financial Emergency Assistance of $250, which is provided upon complete or a substantial loss of all of the insured belongings due to theft or robbery.
  • The Gold plans provide cover for travel in any country around the world. The Silver & Bronze plans do the same with the exception of travels to the U.S. & Canada.
  • Asia Plan

Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojna Plan

  • This insurance plan covers your needs in five areas:
    Personal Accidents
    Transportation of mortal remains
    Hospital expenses
    Repatriation expenses
  • The plan is available for a two year and three year period - being priced at the low prices of 500 and 750 Rupees respectively, exclusive of service tax. Unlike the overseas travel insurance plan, all claim settlements are done in Indian currency for Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojna.
  • Personal accidents that cause bodily injury, and either result in death or disability leading to unemployment within 12 months, are covered up to ₹10,00,000. An insured sum of ₹20,00,000 is applicable for Libya.
  • The transportation costs of the mortal remains of the deceased back to India from a place of death is covered, along with the return airfare of an attendant accompanying the remains are covered.
  • Hospital expenses of immigrant are covered, with a special allowance for maternity expenses of female emigrants. In case of permanent disability or death of the immigrant, hospitalization expenses in India for family members including spouse and two children are also covered. This does not include treatment and cost of medicines post the hospitalization period
  • Return airfare to India is covered in case of the employer refusing the job upon arrival abroad, premature termination of employ within three months without a valid reason, and job termination within 12 months of insurance issuance due to immigrant becoming medically unfit to work further.
  • Litigation related to employment is also covered, but only in case, the litigation is justified by the government in the country of work.

What the IFFCO TOKIO Travel Insurance plans do not cover

  • Claims made regarding events that have occurred before purchasing of insurance cover
  • Claims made by the Insured if he is travelling against his Physician’s advice, if he is to receive previously prescribed medical treatment, or is terminally diagnosed.
  • Claims made by the Insured if he is part of an ongoing Military, Air Force, or Naval operation.
  • Claims arising out of self-inflicted accidents and illnesses, and crimes caused intentionally under the influence of substance.
  • Claims that relate to losses occurring directly or indirectly due to stress, anxiety, mental disorders, and venereal diseases like HIV.
  • Claims pertaining to loss of property caused by wars or invasions, or due to actively participating in riots, or being subjected to a government order for the destruction of property.
  • Losses are occurring due to radioactive contamination or explosions and toxicity arising from nuclear assemblies.
  • Losses relating to sporting events as they are voluntary in nature and involve training.

Overview of IFFCO TOKIO Travel Insurance Policies

  • Affordable premiums so you can travel hassle-free without breaking the bank on insurance.
  • Online policy application and issuance to save time.
  • Round the clock worldwide assistance and well-trained service individuals tending to swift claim settlement.
  • Straightforward and simple documentation procedure.
  • Easily available digital document with e-signature available from IFFCO TOKIO offices.
  • Additional cover for transportation of mortal remains and airfare for the attendant.

IFFCO TOKIO Travel Insurance Schengen coverage

The Schengen area comprises of most European countries which have agreed to abolished border control at their mutual borders. Non-European countries like Iceland Norway and Switzerland have also joined the Schengen Area, while Ireland, UK, and some other European countries are not a part of it. As stated earlier, the IFFCO TOKIO Travel Insurance provides worldwide travel insurance cover, including Schengen countries.