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Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited (Bharti AXA GIC Ltd.) has been formed through joint venture agreement between the prestigious AXA Group and the Indian group Bharti Enterprises; the former holds 51% stake whereas the later holds 49% stake.

Bharti Enterprises is a well diversified Indian company having a presence in telecommunications, agricultural, financial services, retail and manufacturing sectors.

AXA is a leading worldwide company in the insurance and asset management sector, listed in Paris stock exchange, with a presence in over 65 countries.

AXA is prominent in the UN being a founding member of UNEP FI (UN Program related to sustainable insurance) is also an important party in the UN Treaty of Principles for Responsible Investment.

Bharti AXA GIC Ltd began all India operations from August 2008 after getting registered with Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA). At present, the company has 87 branches throughout the country. In its very first year of operation in 2009, it became the first general insurance company to receive dual ISO certifications 9001:2008 and 27001:2005.

Till now Bharti AXA GIC Ltd has issued over 9.8 million policies and settled over 1.3 million claims.

Bharti AXA Bike Insurance

Bharti AXA GIC is offering a complete gamut of general insurance services including Bike Insurance.

The first vehicle owned by most people are two-wheelers as they provide an economical and easy way of transit to and fro work. Out of the entire vehicle market share, a large chunk of about 80% comprises of the two-wheeler market, and every 1000 people own 100 two-wheelers in the country.

Bharti AXA GIC Ltd. has thus realized the importance of two wheeler insurance and bike insurance, more so because as per statistics the average number of two wheelers stolen per day is 326 which works out to around 12-13 % two wheelers getting stolen annually.

The Motor Vehicles Act of India has made it compulsory for every bike /two wheeler owner to get their vehicles third party insured. Yet third party insurance has several deficits and several times is not able to suitably address losses incurred by the owner. Bharti AXA GIC Ltd. offers a comprehensive bike insurance plan to policy subscribers and is a much superior offer than third party bike insurances and hence is recommended over the latter.

Bharti AXA Bike Insurance is managed by a team of thorough professionals who provide immediate response and best possible assistance to its customers in any hour of need and emergency. The two wheeler insurance policy covers both the driver as well as the pillions.

Features of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance

  • Long-term policy option of two to three years
  • Hassle free annual renewal process
  • No claims bonus (NCB) for claim free years
  • After NCB claim, slab reduces to previous value, not zero
  • Protection unaffected by changes in third party premiums
  • Discount on policy renewals of 10% for the second year and 20% for the third year
  • Driver, as well as pillions, are covered
  • Accident cover
  • Death/disability cover
  • Lump sum compensation

Inclusions under Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Policy

  • Damage to the insured vehicle: in case insured vehicle is damaged due to fire, accident or natural calamities (like an earthquake, flood, cyclone) or due to inhuman acts of terrorism, riots, strikes or by other external means then policyholder is entitled to claim against these.
  • Owner personal accident cover: the owner/beneficiary of the vehicle policy is eligible for claims if suffered death/injury due to external uncontrollable circumstances while driving the vehicle or while mounting or dismounting from the vehicle.
  • Cover for third party physical injury: policy provides cover for third party physical injury in case when another person gets injured involuntarily during accident.
  • Third party property damage cover: in case of an accident if a third party or another person suffers loss or damage of property then policy provides cover under such cases as per legal stipulations and policy limits.

Exclusions under Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Policy

Under several circumstances, the policyholder is not eligible for claims, and these include:

  • Loss due to normal wear and tear of two wheeler/bike
  • Loss due to uncovered depreciation of two wheeler or bike
  • Loss due to electrical or mechanical malfunction
  • Loss incurred outside the geographical area of India
  • Loss or damage suffered if driving under drunk or intoxicated state
  • Loss or damage suffered if vehicle was being driven by unauthorized person
  • Loss or damage incurred if vehicle driven by person without driving license
  • Use of vehicle not in accordance with guidelines or vehicle misuse
  • Damage or loss due to risks related to nuclear activities

Additional Cover Features under Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Plan

These policy features are optional and are offered to take care of specific or customized requirements of customers. Customers do not have to purchase a mixed policy with features they find irrelevant to their particular situations. The policy offers them ample flexibility to tailor make their optional covers as per their own individual requirements; they can select from a range of additional cover option so as to make their bike insurance policy more inclusive.

These optional features include:

  • Pillion personal accident cover
  • Compensation up to 2 lakh rupees per individual
  • Accidental death cover.
  • Depreciation cover can also be availed; the policy provides
  • 100 % depreciation cover on parts (including fibreglass covers and parts made of rubber and plastic).

Details Required for Applying for Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Plan

These details are determinants of premium quoted and include:

  • Registration number
  • Manufacturer details
  • Vehicle fuel
  • Registration place
  • Year of manufacture
  • Policy term
  • Estimated value of vehicle
  • Email and mobile number

Documents and Details to Always keep Handy
It is advisable for all bike policyholders to keep the following documents and details handy:

  • Bharti AXA Bike insurance policy number
  • The registration number of the vehicle
  • The chassis and engine number of the vehicle
  • Details of the person calling and relation with the insured
  • Contact details of the policyholder and insured persons
  • Date, time and place and detailed description of the mishap
  • GD/Case number or FIR number if applicable
  • Details of driver and driver license
  • Claim number provided by the call center of Bharti AXA GIC Ltd.

Claim Process for Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Plan

In the event of any mishap policyholder can download claim form from Bharti AXA website and call on their toll free number 1800-103-2292 or send message via SMS as “CLAIMS” to 5667700, customer can also email to [email protected] in the set format and get the claim number which needs to be saved by the policyholder for future reference. From the website, a customer can also get a list of networked garages and their addresses.

For raising claims policyholders should:

  • Report immediately upon any mishap but prioritize self-care
  • Inform police and insurer within 24 hours in the event of theft of vehicle
  • Provide written clarification in case of delay in informing within 48 hours of mishap

All policyholders should adhere to the guidelines and rules regarding claims as unexplained delay in reporting, vehicle registration and other protocols may lead to cancellation of claim benefits. Claims are cleared within seven days by Bharti AXA upon timely receipt of all documents in proper form.

Benefits of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Plan in a nutshell

  • General insurance company of high credibility
  • High claim settlement records
  • Sound financial position
  • Risk and asset management expertise
  • Long-standing, performance driven organization history
  • Countrywide presence
  • Swift, seamless, online processes
  • Comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan
  • Customized plan options